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Admin Event Guides/Mechanics

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Admin Event Guides/Mechanics Empty Admin Event Guides/Mechanics

Post by maica05 on Sat Feb 19, 2011 1:40 pm

This is the mechanics for the events hosted by Head Admin/Admins/Test Admins.
Well there you go:

Events are divided in two:
1. Minor Events
2. Major Events

1.Minor Events

This events can be hosted by TestAdmin and Admin without assistance from any senior.

Hide and Seek Event - In this event, the ADMIN will hide in some map/places and you only need to do is to find them and trade them for you to get the prize/reward.. The first player who will find ADMIN who hosted the event will be declare the winner..

Question and Answer ( In-Game Related ) - ADMIN will ask a question and the player should answer it.. The First player who pm'ed the correct answer will be declare the winner and get a prize. Questions are all in-game related.

Scrambled words ( In-Game Related ) -the ADMIN will create a word which letters are mixed and players must guess it.. The First player who pm'ed the correct answer will be declare the winner. In-game related Only.

Bring Me together with Hide and Seek - You need to bring the item what the ADMIN is asking for and then find them and trade them to check if the items needed you bring is right.. The first player who bring the correct item and the first who trade the ADMIN will be the winner.. Note: Item should be correct and exact if they are asking for the numbers (eg. bring me small axe+5 ) It should be exact.

Counting Event - In this event the ADMIN should think first on an object in town, that should be counted by the players. The Admin will ask the players to count the object in town. The first player who will PM'ed the correct answer will be the winner.
(eg. How many vault are there in lorencia? )

Math Event - the ADMIN will ask a question about Math and should be answer by the players. The first player who PM'ed the correct answer will be the winner of that said event.

Guess Who's ADMIN is Online - In this event, You just need to guess who's ADMIN is online. Before he/she announce himself/herself in the server. The first player who PM'ed the correct answer will be the winner of that said event.

Fill in the Blank - The ADMIN will give a word and you should complete it.. Once you already know the answer, you should PM the ADMIN with the correct answer. The first player who PM'ed the ADMIN gets a reward/prize. It should be in-game related ONLY

2.Major Events

This Event can be hosted by Head Admin, Admin/Test Admin are not
allowed to host this event without permissions of our seniors..

Last Man Standing Event ( LMS ) :

This event is a fight between more players from each class, is hosted for all classes.
The Team (Head Admin, Admin, Test Admin) that will host the event, will announce on Global Chat what class will be and they start warp you in a "Private" map (where no one can enter).
After few Minutes, usually 5 minutes are given to players that wants to join this event
The warping will be closed.
Al players must relog. Buffs, IMP, Daemon, fenrir, duel system, war system is not allowed to be used. If you break any rule you'll be warped.
The fight starts when a HGM/GM give you the signal.

After the fight, the last player standing is the Winner & for sure someone will give him the prize.
**Some classes like Summoners and SM's can have special rule, fight without set and without using some skills

Find and Kill the Admin Event - this event is very simple, one or more Head Admins/Admins will hide in a map or different maps, and you guys must find him and kill him. Staff members can fight back and if they do that you are allowed to use any buff, pet, IMP, daemon , party's but remember there will be only 1 winner and that is the one who kill the Head Admin/Admin.

Drop Event - a team composed of Head Admin with Admins and Test Admins will pick a server and a decent amount of GMs Gift will be dropped.

Good Luck guys and Have Fun.

AlodiaMU Team!

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Admin Event Guides/Mechanics Empty Re: Admin Event Guides/Mechanics

Post by Lupita on Sun Mar 06, 2011 1:01 am

New Events Added!

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