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[Guide] How to insert a Signature.

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[Guide] How to insert a Signature. Empty [Guide] How to insert a Signature.

Post by Lupita on Fri Mar 11, 2011 8:17 pm

1. Go to Profile

2. Click "Signature"

3. Go to: www.imageshack.us and upload your image by hitting the browse button and finding it on your computer. Once you find it, click the big blue button that says "Upload Now"

4. Once your image is uploaded you will see your image along with several other links, the link you want to copy is the one right next too "Direct Link"

5. Once you have that link copied go back to your forum window. You will see a button that
title is Image, Once that window pops up paste the link you just copied into that window and hit "ok"

6. After you click "Ok" You should click "SAVE"

After SAVING you can now View you cool Signature Smile

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[Guide] How to insert a Signature. Lupitasigg

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