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Current AlodiaMU Staff Members

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Current AlodiaMU Staff Members Empty Current AlodiaMU Staff Members

Post by Lupita on Tue Mar 01, 2011 6:21 am

Our Current AlodiaMU Staff Members

Server Owners

Current AlodiaMU Staff Members V4lzx3

Aaron ( English / Tagalog)
.Justin ( English / Tagalog)
Echelon25 ( English / Tagalog)
KheviN ( English, Tagalog )

Head Administrator

Lupita ( Lupita in Forum, English / Tagalog)


Current AlodiaMU Staff Members 2nqr3lu

RedStryker ( Daezugun in forum,English/Tagalog )
Myoungjin ( Myoungjin in Forum, English / Tagalog / Spanish / Vietnam / Russian)

Test Administrators

Current AlodiaMU Staff Members 29eg9bq



If you see anyone claiming that they are a GM and are not any of these people or do not belong to the guild Admin then they are impersonators (The names in game are exactly as they are spelled here and this includes capitalization.)

So if you see anyone with a name similar to these people and claiming they are a GM or an Admin DO NOT BELIEVE THEM.

Remember a GM or Admin will never ask for your password or for your items. GMs and Admins have the power to disconnect, make announcements in-game and to move people so if they can't do any of that they are FAKE. So keep this in mind. Take a (SS) screenshot of any impersonators and report them here on forums as soon as possible for proper actions to be done.

Any unprofessional acts not expected of a Staff Member, please also report them.

Please always check this list once in a while. Staff members are variable for change in positions.

Sincerely yours,

AlodiaMU Team

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Current AlodiaMU Staff Members Lupitasigg

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