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In-Game Rules

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In-Game Rules Empty In-Game Rules

Post by Aaron on Mon Feb 28, 2011 5:37 pm

In-Game Rules and Regulation is listed below!:
Read it carefully!

1] Staffs and Players will be accord to read the rules and regulation before go ingame.

2] Don't be harmful/offensive/unlawful/threatening/abusive or harassing players punishment will be 2 weeks of banned! Or it depends to his/her doings.

3] Never give your account information to the another person. Your account is a private matter, You must keep in on yourself either staffs can't ask for your account information(username/password/email).

4] Report the staff that will be violating the rules and regulation or asking your account information/abusing powers! Report it @Report Section!

5] AFK(Away from keyboard) will be punishing to Disconnect if the Adminitrator/TestAdmin have seen his/her character or leveling without talking!

6] Town drops is not allowed nor litter at the inside town. If you proven doing this your character will be detain/ban for 48hours!

7] Abusing bugs or using 3rd parties will be ban PERMANENTLY!

8] Advertising other Server's/Hack's/ nor in Game Play that you will advertise will be banned PERMANENTLY!

9] Impersonating staffs/ex-staffs will be banned permanently. It depends on his/her explanation!

10] www.alodiamu.forumotion.com / www.amu-donation.mfbiz.com / http://alodia-mu.sytes.net (This three is our main websites other websites were not included above will be not approved by the AlodiaMU Team!

11] Respect Staffs and Normal Players if you disregard this rules the staff and the character will report it or if you disrespect the staff. The staff must punished the player who disrespect him/her!

12] Read the rules and played with it. Don't argue this is your own safety. Thak You.

-Owner Aaron
Server Owner
Server Owner

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