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Hi..Im Ronwell John V. Suarez Im a Supporter of Korean Girl Group Snsd!Girls Generation(GGPH Hwaiting) also A Supporter of Cosplayers. like Alodia, Ayumi, Ashley, Chienna, Jerry ETC. Im the Owner Of AAGFC! This is MYSPACE PAGE!!! its not my REAL life,or whole life There's A LOT you don't know ABOUT me. SO DON'T make Assumptions I share what I wanna Share... and Keep Private What I want Private C'mon's just MYSPACE My Favorite(^-^)!!! haya!!em 20 years old, male and Live hir in Cainta - Rizal.. filipino-Yun lng for sure.. A simple and humBLe guy.. Shempre lalake..Hmp.., percisely confirmed that have a great enjoyment in life, and a great sophisticated person thru experience.. Em definitely, a ridiculous man, loyal, a moody person but a joker, full of curiosity, full of mystery, and dat's attitude of mine help me to gain some things and help me to face the truth in reality, i need to be one of a kind... Em such a bitch person and i know hu i am.. But i can handle my self im always cool at all.. Ah!!!Ano pBa??Speaking About Love? But in the matter of love, dont doubt!! i dont wanna play with people's heart unless they " deserve " it....!!! Yung my Gusto Lng!!!toinks some people judge me as " mayabang " and " mahangin " ( how damn ) but beyond of that fucking judgments, i had already admitted that and i want to get rid out of it.. lah nako masabi!! bastah yun na yun Wla ng Aangal pa.. all the things i want,, i can manage it with my " value " and " worth ".. and i can face all the consequences beyond that.. well as of now,, i dont want to stop nurturing my pleasures to do something unique.. and to value all my efforts and privelege.. and dat's me and which is i can be.. and i always remind to myself that em juz only a man named " Ron ".. and that's me.. reaching out to the broad perspective of life....
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